Carrum & Patterson Lakes

Graffiti Busters

We are all volunteers

Graffiti Busters is starting up in Carrum and Patterson lakes soon

Our aim – To keep our suburbs graffiti free!

Carrum and Patterson Lakes have fortunately been gifted an incredible new station and new public spaces. Unfortunately, Carrum and Patterson Lakes have also been ‘gifted’ a group of wannabe Picassos, who mark their territory by defacing any bare surface going.

Their reign is over!

Our Carrum and Patterson Lakes Graffiti Busters will soon be reclaiming our neighbourhood, our spaces, our investments and our children’s futures. 

Every spray of a nozzle will be met with swift and sharp response from an army of local people, the Police, and Kingston Council. 

We want Carrum and Patterson Lakes kept clean.

Graffiti Busters is a great community activity. it is very satisfying and rewarding. It’s not hard work and we always have time for a coffee and a chat. It’s amazing how much can be done in just a couple of hours. 

Also, you’ll get to know other like minded people who care about our suburb and make new friends                                         

Carrum Station Facade

We will not let them ruin our suburb with this vandalism

We need volunteers - Join us!