More than "Neighbourhood Watch" We are about "Neighbourhood Care"

Our purpose and our difference.

Neighbourhood Watch 3193 Inc was incorporated in 2019 with the amalgamation of NHW Black Rock and NHW Beaumaris. It made sense to amalgamate, as we share the same post code – 3193.  We are affiliated with Neighbourhood Watch Victoria Inc.
Neighbourhood Watch Victoria states that “Neighbourhood Watch is a community-based crime prevention program which aims to improve the quality of life within a neighbourhood by minimising preventable crime and promoting closer community ties”.
We in NHW 3193 take this further and we consider that by improving all aspects of our Community we will reduce crime and therefore increase the safety of our residents. One example of this is the removal of graffiti and the sponsoring of appropriate murals in Beaumaris and Black Rock. The Police tell us that with more graffiti there is more crime, so therefore this fits into our charter.
Another change that we hope is evident here in 3193 is that we are updating the “image” of Neighbourhood Watch in 3193. Historically, Neighbourhood Watch, whilst perceived as relevant, was also seen perhaps, as slightly old fashioned and not very exciting.
We are updating this image both in our activities and in the way these are presented. For example, we no longer hold meetings in draughty village halls. Instead we hold them in Clubs or venues where we can offer some food and liquid refreshments. We also try and make our meetings relevant to the needs of the community by addressing topical issues. Our three scams information events, for example, were attended by over 450 residents.
Also, we have diversified our activities from “traditional” crime to include “modern” crime (graffiti, cyber crime, scams etc) as well as “related issue” such as drugs, internet for kids etc.
Our ultimate desire would be that every resident of 3193 becomes a Member.  After all, we are ALL in this together. 

Our Supporters


NHW 3193 is fortunate to have such a superb group of supporters that help us immensely. In particular, we would like to thank:

Victoria Police  – We have developed a close relationship with Victoria Police. This relationship goes both ways. The Police assist us with guidance and attendance at our meetings. We consider that we assist the Police though our community activities and we involve them in many of these events. This enables them to communicate directly with our residents. We are also to some extent, eyes and ears for the Police and we can pass information to our residents if asked.

Bayside Council  – Has assisted us with community grants and in the future will continue to work with us in our graffiti removal project with our “Graffiti Busters Volunteers”
Bendigo Bank  – Has assisted us through their community grants program and is a key advertiser in our Newsletter.
Westpac Bank– Has supported us at our three scams events. Westpac staff manned the registration desk and provided speakers and handouts.
Beaumaris Rotary – Assisted us initially to establish NHW Beaumaris. They have also granted us the right to have fundraising raffles at the local Farmers Markets and have also advertised in our Newsletter
Beaumaris Lions – Applied for a grant to help us purchase a “Graffiti Trailer” for Graffiti Busters.
Our Advertisers – Our quarterly eight page glossy Newsletter is expensive to print. We intend to continue to preparing a hard copy newsletter as it is impossible to create an email file for every resident in 3193. Our advertisers help meet this quarterly cost and hopefully they benefit too through extra business.
Our Local Members – Both Brad Rowswell ( State Member) and Tim Wilson (Federal Member) provide us with superb support. They assist us photocopy some of our flyers. They also assist us with suggestions and guidance on many issues.
Black Rock House – We regularly hold events at this lovely venue and would like to express our thanks to the amazing people who run this beautiful home.
Sandringham Bowls Club – Hosted two special events with us in 2019. We have been overwhelmed by the assistance, support and hospitality we have received from the Club Members.
Many other people and businesses support us in many ways. We thank all of them for their support, which is so important to NHW 3193.

Our Donors

Neighbourhood Watch 3193 is 100% run by Volunteers. All our funds come from generous residents who donate and also from grants that are successfully achieved.
Should you believe in our mission and activities, then please consider making a donation. Banking details are listed at the bottom of this page.

Our Volunteers

Our volunteers are the life blood of Neighbourhood Watch 3193. Currently we have about 100 residents who assist us in some activity or another.

Our volunteers help deliver our eight page quarterly newsletter and our information flyers. Our volunteers make up our “Graffiti Busters” group that has almost eliminated graffiti in 3193; our volunteers help out at our fundraising and other events.

NHW 3193 has a Board of six and a Committee of nine.  Officers are Philip Lovel AM, President, Geoff Bransbury, Vice President, Martyn Pickersgill, Treasurer and Alan Gaskell Secretary

We are always looking for new blood and more volunteers. It is very rewarding and you can make a difference. The time you commit is up to you.

If you wish to join us, just email us at or complete our Membership form. (click here) We will be in touch.


Membership to NHW 3193 is free. You do not need to be an active volunteer to be a Member, although we would welcome you as an active volunteer if you so wish. Please complete our Membership form. (click here)

Details for donations

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Bendigo Bank

Neighbourhood Watch 3193 Inc

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