Just some of the things we've done in 2019

Community Forums - Special Events on major issues with qualified Speakers.

Scam Awareness

Scams night crowd reaction 2019 (2)

Scams are costing us millions of dollars and are getting worse. In 2019 NHW 3193 held three Forums attended by over 450 residents. Speakers included Consumer Affairs, Westpac, NBN and Victoria Police. 

Helping Families cope with Drugs

How should families handle things when a child is taking or is suspected of taking drugs? Author Tom Valenta shared his knowledge and experience and suggested strategies to help families cope with drug related issues. We will follow this up in 2020.

Making the internet positive not negative for our kids.

The internet is a double edged sward. Parents and Grandparents need to be more aware of the issues if they are to protect their children. NHW 3193 hosted “ThinkUKnow” in 2019 to discuss these issues.
More is being considered for 2020 as this is a very key area of concern.

Graffiti Removal and Murals

Graffiti Busters


Taking back our suburb! Our Graffiti Busters Volunteers are determined to keep 3193 graffiti free. We have rules and quality standards and have some fun too.  Why not join us? Its a great community project

Black Rock Mural

colour and shadow mural[112213]

The Mural depicts images of Black Rock and was the winning entry by Daiana Ingleton in a Sandringham College Art Competition. Other entries were also highly regarded and were incorporated in a 2019 Calendar. The Mural was painted by NHW Voluinteers and Daiana herself.

Beach Road Mural

BR Mural (2)

Just months ago this wall and grarage door was covered in ugly graffiti tags. NHW decided to sponsor a mural. The artist was Daiana Ingleton and the mural funded by NHW 3193
The mural can be seen on Beach Road opposite the Life Savings Club near the Black Rock Clock Tower.

Coffee with the Cops

Coffee with the Cops events are held quarterly usually in local Coffee shops. They have proved  extremely interesting and a great community event.  Several local Police attend and chat to residents about issues improtant to them. Philip Lovel  usually moderates these events and asks some pertinant questions on behalf of the residents. The sessions typically last about an hour and a half.  All are invited

Black Rock House
Coffee BRH (3)
July 2019. 

Happy Jacques

April 2019

Ginger Fox

February 2019
Auntie Betty's
November 2018
Other Events

Safety Plate Days


NHW 3193 President Philip Lovel fitting  safety screws to a happy Customer at our Safe Plate day held courtesy of Black Rock 7Eleven in June 2019. Over 120 cars were fitted with safe screws at no cost other than a gold coin. One car even arrived only to find his plates had  been stolenand he hadn’t realised. 

Fundraising Events


NHW 3193 has held two raffles in aid of graffiti Busters at Beaumaris Farmers Market. Happy prize winner Kerry and Sam collect their prize from NHW 3193 VP Geoff Bransbury. NHW 3193 has alsoattended  a Bunnings Sausage sizzle in order to raise fun ds for our activities.

Community Events


A BBQ as held in December 2019 to celebrate the successful first year of the Beaumaris Secondary Crime Prevention Leadershp Program. NHW 3193 assisted Victoria Police LSC Lisa Dobbie by proposing BSC and making introductions. The program is first of its type in Victoria. Well done Victoria Police and BSC

Thank you NHW 3193 Members, Volunteers, Donors, Advertisers

Our Volunteers, Members, Donors and Advertisers are our lifeblood. Without donations and advertising support we cannot fund our events and publications.  Without our Volunteers we cannot distribute our superb quarterly Newsletter or man our events. 

We want to create a community with our “Friends of NHW 3193” so please join us as a Member and/or a Volunteers or simply make a donation.

In November 2019 we continued our tradition of holding a fabulous Christmas spit roast for our volunteers, members and supporters. This time it was held at Black Rock House. Bayside Mayor Clarke Martin made a brief speech and Bendigo Bank Chairman, Chris Shaw presented NHW 3193 President Philip Lovel AM with a cheque to support our activities.

We should also like to thank Bayside Council for also supporting us with an activities grant in 2019/20. A superb hamper was donated by Merchant, fruit and vegetable shop in Beaumaris Concourse. Thank you.

See some of the photos. below from our 2018 1nd 2019 events..  Click on the  photo to enlarge