Neighbourhood WatcH, graffiti Removal trial.

Proudly supported by Bayside Council.

Neighbourhood Watch graffiti removal trial

Background to the proposed Trial Graffiti Removal Project

Neighbourhood Watch 3193’s Graffiti Busters have established an approach to graffiti removal by volunteers that works.

The issue holding back expansion of Graffiti Busters, and the formation of new groups in neighbouring suburbs, is the difficulty and time consuming need to obtain approval from property owners before removing tags from back fences and walls. This is not that property owners don’t want the graffiti removed; its the difficulty of actually finding them and getting their written approval.

Expansion of Graffiti Busters throughout Bayside has the potential to rid Bayside of ugly graffiti at no cost to property owners and minimal cost to rate payers. A seeming win-win situation – We just need to find a way to speed up the process of gaining owners approval.

In August 2019, Neighbourhood Watch 3193 President Philip Lovel, NHW3193 Vice President and Graffiti Busters Chairman, Geoff Bransbury and former Mayor and NHW3193 Committee Member Ken Beadle held several meetings with Bayside officers and Councillor Laurie Evans to determine whether Council could assist in this process.

Council officers support Neighbourhood Watch’s objective to remove graffiti and proposed a trial.

In the trial period, Bayside Council will support Graffiti Busters by assisting in the approvals process. Through promotion in Council magazine and letter drops in the trial area, property owners will be asked to “OPT IN” giving permission for Neighbourhood Watch Graffiti Busters to remove graffiti tags from their property, at NO cost to themselves.

Areas of Sandringham Highett and Pennydale have been identified as target areas. 

Graffiti Busters volunteers will then remove the graffiti or paint the area in the period ending 30th April 2020.
Council will also assist NHW Graffiti Busters by providing removal cleaning liquid and paint. 


If the “opt In” process and the trial overall proves successful, Graffiti Busters will seek to expand operations in other suburbs with the formation of additional Graffiti Busters groups. The project might then roll forward to the benefit of all residents in Bayside

How to Opt IN

Residents and  businesses within the tral areas in Sandringham, Highett  and Pennydale may Opt In by completing the form.

Residents information will only be used by Graffiti Busters for this trial and will not be sold or given to third parties.

 To OPT-IN, Click the link below, fill in the form and click send.